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A new phone system is coming this summer!

July 8, 2020

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By Matthew Hornung, Director of Information Technology for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group

New phone system by summer 2020The people have spoken… and we have listened. We will be implementing a new phone system late this summer which will enhance the patient calling experience from start to finish!

There are a lot of new features out there that benefit both you and our organization… and we intend to utilize them. Our current system has been pushed to the limit, and can’t keep up with patient demand. We’ve taken feedback from our patients and used it to choose the best options for a new phone system. The new system will enable better communication and less hold time for our patients.

We are teaming up with a well known provider to ensure that both the implementation and long-term use of the new system benefits everyone.

The new phone system will allow automated callbacks so that you don’t lose your place in line. It also brings new abilities like online chat and better accessibility to our staff. This all boils down to serving you more efficiently. As with all new things, we will most likely go through a brief period of intermittent pains during the installation and initial use of the new phone system. We will be able to get through those challenges quickly.

Always Improving

We’ve been focused on several infrastructure upgrades and enhancements over the last couple years. All of these new technologies serve our growing patient population. Our check-in process has been streamlined using Phreesia, our COVID-19 response has ensured our patient’s health by providing separate entrances, and there are other enhancements we will be adding by the end of summer! (Details to come in a future blog post.)

We hope to be up and running on our new phone system by the end of the summer, and look forward to sharing the new features with you!