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All Staff Training Day… And Food Trucks!

November 7, 2019

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All Staff Training Day 2019

By Jody C. Brown, Director for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group.

One of my favorite days of the year here at Lee’s Summit Physicians Group is All Staff Training Day. We close all our offices for the afternoon, order up food trucks and our entire staff converges on “the mother ship” – our main location in Lee’s Summit. It’s my favorite day because I enjoy seeing everyone together in one location. I’m out visiting the other offices on a regular basis. But our staff doesn’t have the opportunity to do that so it’s a great opportunity for our staff to see people they might not have seen in a while. And there are always new faces to meet!

All Staff Training Day 2019 All Staff Training Day 2019

This has become such a valuable time for our team.

Getting together and making sure everyone is hearing the same information is crucial for any organization. And there is something different that happens when people are physically together versus reading a staff-wide email.

It’s a time for questions from staff and also a good time for us to share information on the practice. We also share updates on where we’re headed.

With three locations and close to 120 employees, it’s extremely difficult to get everyone together under one roof. But we know the importance of communication (it’s always a work in progress) and we really do strive to be open about what we’re doing and why.

It’s worth the investment to bring our team together to eat, laugh and learn. It might be cliché, but it’s more than a job. We’re a family. And we love these opportunities for big family gatherings.

All Staff Training Day 2019