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Is TV Bad for Babies? The Truth About Early Screen Exposure

Is TV safe for babies? Technology offers entertainment and education, but recent research suggests the need for caution with early screen exposure

Screen Time and Children: What’s the Best Approach?

If you’re a parent in the 21st century, you face a problem the last generation of parents never dealt with: screen time. As with anything in the realm of parenting, there are varying stances on the topic. Do you limit it? Use it as a reward or punishment? And what’s...

Talking to Your Kids About Social Media Safety

There are so many questions to address when it comes to your kids and what they do online, whether on their computer, phone, or tablet. The news is littered with stories of children and teenagers who are bullied on social media, and you no doubt want to protect your...

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Did you see us supporting Red Nose Day?

By Jody C. Brown, Director for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group You may have seen the pictures of our staff with their funny red noses on Facebook several weeks ago and just assumed it was because we were trying to entertain some of our patients. While they did get a...

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The History of Lee’s Summit Physicians Group

By Sallie L. Veenstra, M.D. at Lee's Summit Physicians Group Lee's Summit Physicians Group started out as St. Joseph Physicians Group in 1979. It was established after a failed attempt at opening a satellite ER for St. Joseph Hospital, and the CEO decided to convert...

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Big Changes!

Big changes are coming to Lee’s Summit Physicians Group, Raintree Pediatrics and Blue Springs Pediatrics. Beginning June 1st our Raintree and Blue Springs locations will begin all day urgent care! If you are patients at those facilities you will no longer have to come...

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