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Employee Spotlight: Angela Covington, Supervisor

October 24, 2019

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By Rhonda Pfaffly, Referral Coordinator for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group.

Angela CovingtonAngela came to work for LSPG in April, 2000 at the ripe old age of 19 and has been a permanent fixture of LSPG ever since. Angela was working at TMC when she was introduced to the Steve Weinrich, who was the practice manager at the time. Steve hired Angela on the spot.

Angela was hired to work for the Internal Medicine front desk. She answered phone calls, scheduled appointments and checked in patients for their appointments.

Angela has worked in several positions at LSPG.

When the Blue Springs Pediatrics location opened, she was sent over to help get things running smoothly and she rose to the challenge! Angela has excelled at every position she has taken on at Lee’s Summit Physicians Group.

Two years ago, we had to replace a supervisor for the front office staff covering all three locations. It was an obvious choice for our director Jody Brown, she knew Angela was our girl.

Angela is a problem solver. She is calm, pleasant and has a way of solving problems without getting upset. And she listens to both sides of the story before handling situations, which is a real asset for us.

Angela loves working at LSPG because our culture focuses on family as a priority.

She has been through her wedding, having babies, working part time to raise her family, and everything in between.

Angela said, “No matter what our employees are going through, the rest of the staff are there for each other. It’s just like family, because that’s what we are. This is a rare workplace environment and I feel lucky to have found such a great place to call home for eight hours a day.”

What about when Angela is not at work?

Angela’s parents are from the Dominican Republic and she is very proud of her first generation roots. She is fluent in her first language, Spanish. She and her father are often asked to represent their Dominican culture at many of the Kansas City Cultural events throughout the Metro area by performing their native music and dance.

When Angela isn’t working or performing, she enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband of 17 years, Ralph, make it their goal to sit down with their children and have dinner at the table together most nights. (Even though it may be fast food because they were short on time, they are still together.)

Sports are also a big part of her weekend activities; she is always there to cheer on her son… whether it’s baseball, basketball, track or football, you can bet you’ll find Angela screaming in the stands. She and her daughter share the love of reading and usually after the games can be found hitting up some local bookstores for their next book series or bargains.

As a co-worker and friend, I think I can speak for all of us here at LSPG when I say we think Angela is a real gem and hope she continues to thrive as one of our key employees for many years to come. We hope she sticks around for another twenty years!!!