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Festive, Spooky and More – Darlene Makes it Happen

December 27, 2018

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By Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P., Provider for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group

Ever wonder how the decorations get changed at LSPG?

DarleneThere’s someone that does a lot of work around LSPG, but never gets paid! Darlene Barnard, Dr. Barnard’s wife, was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me. She has been helping our office and the community for many years. She is one of the silent, necessary components that keep LSPG running smoothly. When questioning her about the things she does and enjoys, I learned a great deal!

“I enjoy meeting all of the staff at LSPG. I also like the office building and grounds to be welcoming to the clients & staff of LSPG. Pretty flowers and trees always make me smile, so I like to add some color around the office.

I try to maintain the flower pots at the entry doors festive and inviting. I enjoy the positive comments from kids and adults as they walk in the doors to LSPG.  I offer my input (usually only when asked) about the landscaping of the green areas around the office parking lots!”

Anyone that knows Darlene, knows she likes to garden. She brings her bounty in to share with staff when the season is good.

But holidays would not be the same here without her help!

“I decorate the front desk and waiting areas for Halloween, fall and Christmas. The receptionists and patients enjoy the decor. The decor is inviting and comments on the ghosts, pumpkins, snowmen and Santa are a nice diversion for the clients and families of LSPG. “

DarleneDarlene loves flowers and trees and doesn’t want LSPG to look “institutional” so she loves to add color around the office. She enjoys interacting and watching the children look at the decorations. Often, the decorations open communication with our staff like what they’re going to wear for Halloween, what presents they got for Christmas, and what they like about the holiday season.

And we couldn’t make this an article about her without mentioning her love to walk her two golden retrievers every day. She brought them to meet the staff when they were little and now they’re too big to come inside to say hello. But once in a while, you might see them outside in the car as happy as can be to get some attention!

Photography, loving on her grandkids and being outside (particularly on the BEACH) are some of her other favorite things!

Thank you Darlene for being such a great part of our daily life at LSPG!