Patient Service

Before you visit

Community Choice Pediatrics uses a new self check-in system called Phreesia.

Phreesia is a mobile, self check-in system that allow patients to conveniently and securely check in and confirm appointments from their own devices using Phreesia Mobile.

Phreesia will allow our office to send confirmations of appointments by either text or email.

The text or email is sent three (3) days before an appointment. If there’s no response, the system will send another confirmation request 24 hours prior. A final confirmation request will be sent 2 hours before the appointment. Once a patient receives the text, they can either Confirm, Cancel, or Reschedule their appointment.

When the appointment is confirmed, the patient can then start the check-in process at their convenience.

Security questions are asked to confirm the identity of the patient. Once these are answered correctly, the patient can complete additional patient information in the privacy of their home. This will allow us to have the most updated patient information for use in the office (for all necessary medical treatment) and for filing insurance.  The Phreesia system will minimize errors and give patients better control of their demographic information.

The first check-in process will take longer than subsequent check-ins.

While the first check-in on Phreesia will take more a bit more time than usual, check-ins following the initial experience will be significantly shorter since patients will need to review and confirm their information. Edits or additions can be made, too. And Phreesia’s logic-based technology means our patients will only need to complete and sign consent forms once a year.

Patient forms

You can find our patient forms, pediatric vaccine statement, and ADHD screening tools on our forms page.

Information is at your fingertips.

Our patient portal provides you with conveinient and secure access to your child’s medical history is at your fingertips.