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How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

July 13, 2023

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Can you believe that your little one is getting ready for kindergarten? In just a few short weeks, you’ll be putting your whole heart on the bus or dropping her off for a day away from you. This is an exciting time and a huge milestone in your child’s development, but it can be equally scary for you and her! As a loving parent, you want to make sure she’s ready for this new experience and that you have given her the tools and support to be successful on her first day of school.

Let’s discuss some ways you can help get your child ready for kindergarten.

Establish Routines Early

Kindergarten is all about routines, and you’ll help your child get a head start on a daily schedule by implementing one before he steps into the classroom. That means regular times to wake up, go to sleep, eat meals, and take baths. Additionally, encourage them to engage with the routines by being enthusiastic and communicating expectations. Perhaps one of your routines is a bedtime ritual of bathing, brushing teeth, and reading. Or it could be a mealtime tradition of washing up before joining together as a family at the dining table with everyone logging off their devices.

Encourage Play

To a growing mind, play is essential. It not only helps your child develop normally, but it also provides him with the skills he’ll need in life. Through solo play, he’ll become creative and find things to occupy his time. Playing with friends teaches children how to share, take turns, and work together, vital social skills they’ll need in life. And playing with you and other adults helps your son or daughter mirror how to collaborate and communicate emotions such as frustration, sadness, and happiness—all emotions they’ll need to master as they get ready for kindergarten.

Foster Independence

When your child starts kindergarten, she’ll no longer have you around to help with every little thing. While she won’t be expected to be self-sufficient immediately, she will need to put on and take off her coat and snow boots, use the restroom independently, and get into her lunch and put things away after she’s eaten. Help her become more independent now, which will help her tremendously when she’s off to school.

Discuss What to Expect

Your little one may have questions about what kindergarten will be like. That’s good, and you’ll want to open a dialogue with him and talk through what to expect. Share your experiences and memories from your school days and involve him in choosing a backpack, lunch bag, and school supplies. Talk about his first day and some of the things that might happen, as well as the opportunity he’ll have to make new friends.

The more you can illuminate what your child will expect at school, the easier it will be for him to get mentally ready for kindergarten.

Work on School Skills

Your child will be much more confident at school when she knows what to expect and has skills on par with her classmates. That includes basic foundations in reading, recognizing letters and numbers, math, and fine-motor skills. Incorporate learning activities into your everyday schedule, such as writing, cutting, coloring, drawing, building, reading, letter and word recognition, and counting. This should feel less like learning and more like a game and playing. By keeping him active and learning, you’ll not only foster a lifelong love of it but also boost his confidence about his skills as he sits down with his peers.

Schedule a Pediatric Check-up

Most schools require updated immunization records and a physical, so late summer is a great time to get that scheduled. Your pediatrician will also do an assessment to determine your child’s school readiness, and if your child has been with the same doctor since birth, he or she will be aware of any challenges they may face and help provide you with resources they may need to get ready for kindergarten.

Community Choice Pediatrics Helps Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

Preparing your child for kindergarten is a journey that requires time, patience, and support. By focusing on the skills they’ll need to master, as well as getting them emotionally ready, you’ll create a smooth transition to this new phase. As a parent, your job is to be present, enthusiastic, and supportive. The first day of kindergarten is an important milestone that marks the beginning of a lifelong love for learning and growth.

Community Choice Pediatrics is here to answer your questions about kindergarten readiness. Contact us to schedule your appointment.