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Announcing our new patient portal powered by Updox!

August 27, 2020

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By Matthew Hornung, Director of Information Technology for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group

Introducing our new Patient Portal powered by Updox!We will soon be implementing a new patient portal system to better serve our patient population! Starting September 1st, we will be sending out sign ups for this new portal where our patients can manage their accounts. They will also be able to request appointments, send messages to our nurses and doctors, and access medical information without having to call our office (such as immunization records or visit summaries.)

Several years ago, we attempted to use another patient portal, but quickly determined that it did not benefit our patients or our staff. It ended up creating more work! We had no choice but to disable that system and wait for a better product to come along. Fortunately, our Electronic Medical Records system provider decided to partner with Updox.

When lab results are published to the new Updox portal, we will assume patients have received them unless we hear otherwise. If, after 2 weeks, patients don’t have lab results from us via a phone call or the portal, they should contact our office. Other correspondence through the portal will be provided on a timely basis, such as visit summaries and appointment notifications.

The patient portal hosted by Updox has a design that makes maneuvering the system a breeze. Below is a link to the patient portal guide. We hope that this new technology makes the patient experience with us easier and faster.

If you are a current patient, please make sure you have an updated email address in our system prior to enabling Updox access. This can be done in person or over the phone when making an appointment.

Download the Updox Patient Portal Guide: Welcome to eMDs Patient Portal Powered By Updox!