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The importance of taking vacation: Travel pics from Wendy, Julie and Rhonda.

June 20, 2019

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By Cindy Aldrige, F.N.P., Provider for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group.

Have you ever wanted to just get away on a vacation? Did you know that vacation and mental breaks away from day-to-day stressors are actually healthy? Yes, you can take a vacation for your health!!!

Here at Lee’s Summit Physicians Group, we recommend that our staff takes mental breaks by going on vacation and taking time away from the office. Three staff members have shared their recent adventures with us with pictures (for those of us who can’t afford to travel and want to live vicariously through their pictures!)

Wendy Johnson, Care Coordinator, is an adventurous type of person.

She and her husband love to travel and see new things. Thailand was one of her most recent adventures. When asked WHY there, her response was it has been on her bucket list. She has been intrigued by architecture and the countries amazing traditions. She enjoyed seeing an elaborate temple from the 14th century. Wendy said, “seeing the floating market where the local community pilots their little boats to the docks to sell their produce right out of the boats was really something worth seeing.” She even got to see them “cook in the little dug out boats.”

When asking Wendy what was unexpected about her adventures, she said the traffic in Bangkok. “Motorcycles are very common. At the red traffic light, they all make their way to the front of the line and take off as a pack when the light turns green.” Unfortunately, after eating off the food trucks, Wendy came home with food poisoning. She was not wanting THAT experience in her travels!

Wendy’s advice when traveling to Thailand is to walk the city streets and cut through the alleys so you can experience how the locals live. She also encourages the use of Groupon as this was her “best bargain trip” and it was that it was amazing. “Travel opens your eyes to how fortunate we truly are” so that we “appreciate even he small things.”

Vacation is Healthy: Thailand Vacation is Healthy: Thailand Vacation is Healthy: Thailand

Julie Gramlich, Insurance and billing supervisor took at trip with her son’s school class to Italy.

Her favorite part of the trip was the gondola ride in Venice! “I have always seen those on TV and thought it was really cool that I was getting to ride one!” One thing unexpected that she learned is how much she loves ice. In Italy, ice is rare and most locals don’t use it at all. Julie said she was surprised at how much she missed ice.

When traveling there, Julie recommends using guided tours. Tours give you special access to some places and keeps you on schedule. She would recommend to avoid summer time heat there. She experienced melting July heat. “The most beautiful place was Capri.” She describes the beautiful country side and said that the architecture was breathtaking.

Vacation is Healthy: Italy Vacation is Healthy: Italy Vacation is Healthy: Italy

Rhonda travels a little closer to home, Warsaw, MO, the spoonbill capital of the world!

Rhonda Pfaffly, Referral Coordinator for Lee’s Summit Physicians Group, likes going back to her hometown about 98 miles away from KC. She loves “being with old friends” and attending local events, allowing her t0 run into friends that she hasn’t seen in years.

Rhonda boasts of the many things to do in Warsaw, and it’s close to both Truman Lake and Lake of the Ozarks. Things to do include: fishing, water sports, bike trails, antique/flea market shopping and taking in the beautiful scenery. She recommends making the 1.5 hour trip from KC as a day trip or a nice, long weekend.

There are several wineries along the way from KC to Warsaw. One of the top things to see is the Missouri conservation fish hatchery. “Kids love this!” she adds.

In April Warsaw hosts the Benton County Wine Stroll featuring many Missouri wineries. June is Jubilee Days on the harbor with craft tents, carnival, parade, and live bands. During the summer boating and fishing is top of the list of things to do and many enjoy swimming and jet skiing as well. October is Heritage Days with craft tents and festivities at the Harry S. Truman Overlook. This event takes you back in time to experience an old school house, general store, soap making, blacksmith exhibits, root beer and kettle corn!

Vacation is Healthy: Warsaw

Rhonda’s favorite spots in Warsaw include:

  • The Landing Bistro & Lounge with “a great view of the Lake of the Ozarks with an awesome gift shop.
  • Nix Bar, a local favorite.
  • Red Wing Coffee, they grind their own special blends and make wonderful desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!”

Rhonda would live in Warsaw again if she could… she said it was a “great place to grow up and a great place to go back home to.”

Vacation is Healthy: Warsaw Vacation is Healthy: Warsaw Vacation is Healthy: Warsaw

So here is to travel, staying healthy and enjoying the sights, sounds, smells of the world around us! Have a great summer!